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Feeling like a bitch today!!!! And loving it

LMAO!! Crazy online people make me laugh! Why would I give these drama whores all my info, I enjoy seeing them try to cry and bitch. LOL! Law Questions has the BEST drama! LOL. Its funny because all these dumb asses like to think they are something they are not. Yes my daddY (not daddIE you dumb bitch) is a lawyer and yes I have taken law classes as again I am. But I love how they think the old ass links they post are supported by every state and every city still. AKA laws are state by state, city by city and Judge by Judge. LMAO!!!
And wow I am correcting someones spelling!? Wow craziness. HEEHEE!!!
Usually I hate online drama but for this group I make an exception because they were rude to a friend of mine so......
Oh and the non spelling mod wants me to apologize or be banned. LOL. U can stick that community that has NO REAL LAWYERS in your ass. Oh wait the one mod is **STRAIGHT FROM HER PAGE** (((Today, one might call me a poverty lawyer))) What ever
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