Jade Angel (charityrose) wrote,
Jade Angel

tummy tuck

Finally got had a tummy tuck done last wed , and things have had there ups and downs. Joe was an ass right before and was even going to go to work while I was under the knife the day of the surgery when my mom claimed her discussed by this. So then he decided to go to work before the surgery . he stayed the night of and went to work the next day and my daughter stayed with me. After going home things have had there ups and downs. He's not really been loving at all and even accuses me of cheating. Hello I have tubes in my @@@@@@.. So i found out he was flirting with a basty girl online.. Like almost naked on some pictures. First lie was his pocket must of liked the pictures and stuff. Then it was because he liked something said. Finally he said the girl used to work with him and he had to help her, blah blah blah.. Finally I call him out on the fact that it's not even her real name and he goes crazy.. Saying I'm having other men take me to the hospital and all this other crap.. And how he's leaving tonight.. I'm over the bullshit.. As much as it'll hurt I hope he just goes.. Guess we'll see..
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