Jade Angel (charityrose) wrote,
Jade Angel

Milla's death was caused due to drowning. Her father was up all night playing video games. He laid Milla down for a nap without checking to make sure the door was locked at at. Milla's bed was right beside the door that went to the pool. Her father was sleeping in the living room. Hours later when he went to look for her he found her in the pool. There were no safety measures takin to make sure this could not happen. In fact Milla had got out 4 other times that are known of and one time she locked her 1 year old brother outside, yet he still did nothing and now its too late.
Milla's mom gave the father custody thinking Milla and her brother had their own room because this is what he told her and at the time her mom was not in the place to keep them if he had a better place. She talked to him about the pool before and he laughed at her and everyone else saying how he knew what he was doing.
When drug tested the next day he tested positive for 3 different kinds of drugs.
The worst part is he is still free, there has been no Justice done. If this isn't neglect I don't know what is.
Please pass this along. Pool safety takes minutes and is not costly. Put plastic knobs on your door knobs, locks that you have to use keys on both sides, locked fences around the pool, and parents alert to where the child
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