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A good girl never asks why.....

So life has calmed down some... I really don't want to write about any bad stuff so I will write about the good stuff and about the kids.
Saturday KK had her Hip Hop clinics to learn the whole routine. !!Which she loves!! They asked her to cross over to a sencond senior team to also fly, however I told them there is no way I can afford it I am doing fun raisers weekly now. They are trying to see if they can get her in free.
During KK's clinic, the boys and I went to Bella's party. It was so cute, they had it at an indoor bounce house place. :) EE actually ate a whole cup cake and icecream. Tristen also enjoyed himself of course.
After that it was time to run and get K and I was 1/2 late doing so. And then home to pack the kids to go to their grandparents house. They really had a good time over there this time, even KK who usually does not want to go.
What did mommy do on her night off!? Sleep of course, I am so freaking tired, I am just beyond sick of all the stupid stuff. Oh and got e-mails from Ryan's friend!!He is such an ass!! %%Eye roll%%
Last night EE had a bad night green foam and woke up 3 times at least. We went to the ER and they gave him a treatment there and sent him home saying if it continues then bring him back and they will admit him.
Nick was over yesterday helping me get the kitchen looking good. He will be over later today also. He is going to be moving to N.C soon. :( I am really going to miss him but I think it will be good for him. Plus he has a wonderful girl, only issue with her is she is beyond jelous of me.
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